Rise of the robots: reassure your workforce

Posted by: nroualec on 25 April 2017 in HR, Innovation & Technology

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A mobile phone in the pocket of an employee today is probably far more advanced than the computer on their desk 20 years ago. Technology has helped eradicate the barriers of time and distance, however, its speed is beginning to unsettle employees.In a recent survey by the ADP Research Institute, a staggering 58% of European employees felt pessimistic about the future of automation in the workplace1. How can we instil employee confidence with the knowledge that their roles are still valued? As Artificial Intelligence develops in leaps and bounds, the rise of the robots now seems a reality. The future really doesn’t seem too far off; drones delivering meals in restaurants, robots updating employee records and a computer diagnosing patients in hospitals. It is important that organisations lead the way in ensuring their employees don’t feel they will be replaced,…

Question time with ADP UK’s Service Director, David Johnson

Posted by: nroualec on 25 April 2017 in Human Capital Management

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Q. How do you see the HR and payroll industry evolving over the coming years?HR and payroll systems will become integrated, streamlined and effortlessly simple to use via advanced technologies.Outside of the workplace we are already becoming reliant on tools that make tasks in our personal lives a lot simpler. Apps such as Uber enable us to book and pay for a taxi from our mobiles in just a matter of moments. And if we look at banking, this process has been made easier than ever via laptops, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. We can now even make a transaction by simply using the counterpart’s phone number.These developments are quickly infiltrating the working world, and we can expect to see similar tools widely deployed by businesses over the coming years. Such technologies will make the people function much easier…

Technology trends: disrupting or enhancing your working day?

Posted by: nroualec on 21 April 2017 in Innovation & Technology

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Technology has rapidly changed the workplace beyond recognition, and looks set to continue doing so. With this in mind, which trends can we expect to become a reality for everyday employees? And how does technology impact the perceptions of employees about their roles? The following five technologies are the ones ADP feels are most likely to disrupt your workplace in the next 20 years. While each has boundless potential, there are also a number of pitfalls organisations should be wary of when implementing these within their organisations.WearablesWearable technologies can help improve the working lives of employees in a number of ways. For example, biometric trackers – which come in the form of heart rate and sleep monitors, self–reported nutrition and energy diaries – can offer huge advantages for both employees and employers.Employers that are able to develop a framework for…

CEOs and the paradox of talent shortages in a digital age

Posted by: nroualec on 6 March 2017 in HR

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First, the good news. While you’ll find robots doing all sorts of industrial jobs and even delivering services, CEOs still need people.  Just 16% plan to cut their company’s headcount this year, compared to 52% who plan to hire more people, according to the latest PwC Annual Global CEO survey[1].The bad news is that the right people are getting harder to find, with 77% of CEOs worried that skills shortages could derail business growth. And it’s the creative, emotionally intelligent innovators who are in shortest supply – the people most likely to drive growth in a volatile and uncertain world.Using people dataBut do CEO’s even know what skills and talents lurk within their workforce? Or if they have the right people to deal with whatever lies ahead? I reckon many have no idea. Despite the explosive growth in employee data…

8 HR levers to drive employee engagement

Posted by: on 14 April 2016 in HR, Innovation & Technology

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Employee engagement isn’t alchemy. Any organization can do it. Engaging employees in a way that leads to improved performance is all about meeting the specific needs and wants of your people, and taking away some of the pressure they face in their work and their lives. The HR function is in a perfect position to do this, because it has the most effective levers at its disposal. Give all of these a go, and you will drive an employee engagement revolution throughout your company: Employee empowerment – everyone wants to contribute to ideas within a company, in order to feel empowered and drive innovation. Google is well-known for being the best at this. Laszlo Bock, Senior Vice President of Google’s People Operations, told Forbes that “We try to have as many channels for expression as we can, recognizing that different…